Romantic couple watching sunset

Wallaroo wasn’t originally on our immediate must-visit list, but with only seven days available the opportunity to explore Wallaroo wasn’t one to be missed. I had just completed my studies (yay!) and thought it was time to hit the roads again to celebrate. Adin and I love the beach, so we usually opt to spend our warm-weather getaways by the seashore, soaking in the sun and salty water.

Wallaroo is a two hours road trip North West of Adelaide. We stayed in this beautiful holiday home, Beached at Wallaroo, conveniently located only a few minutes from the town centre. Beached at Wallaroo offers breathtaking scenery, perfect for enjoying a meal on the front porch as we watched the sunset across the horizon. The view was incredible and enhanced by the floor-to-ceiling glass walls that opened up completely exposing the house to the fresh air and breeze from the ocean. This made for an epic spot to watch the sunset! Stepping off our porch our toes were covered in soft, white sand and only a short distance away was the ocean. North Beach had wide, uninterrupted sand ideal for sun bums to lounge and soak in the heat of the sun.

Inside there were 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Outside we had a BBQ which we made full use of and cooked up delicious meals each night. My favourite part was the outdoor shower! Directly under the sun, the shower was large and had complete privacy. Its safe to say that our little get away turned into a fabulous excuse to spend seven days lounging on beaches until our fingers got wrinkly, late night adventures, and eating everything under the sun.

One of the highlights of our stay would be our late night adventures. Yorke Peninsula is known for its fishing and crabbing so we figured we had to try it out. Although its hot during the day, the temperature drops very quickly at night fall. This was something we were not prepared for, yet, we were determined to go crabbing and see what we could find. The only option we had to stay warm was to layer on as many clothes as we possibly could and set about our adventure! It definitely made for a good laugh and some great stories.. although there were no crabs around.

We also made a day trip to Point Turton which is about an hour and a half South of Wallaroo. We figured since we are here already we should make the most of it and explore as much as we can. Yes, the town and scenery at Wallaroo were gorgeous, but the absolute highlight was being in the crystal clear waters and soft, white sand at the stunning beaches of Point Turton. We had the entire beach to ourselves and enjoyed a nice, relaxing afternoon spotting stingrays, crabs and beautifully coloured fish swimming amongst us. 

On the way back to Wallaroo we stopped by an old copper mine site, Copper Triangle, to explore the Moonta mines State Heritage area. As you reach the top of the stairs you are faced with an abandoned mine pit with orange dessert sand. This was a unique experience being able to experience something that Adin sees almost every day at work. 

In terms of food and what to eat, I must admit there wasn’t much variety. As it is a small town you’ll find two or three small pubs offering quite similar food. This is another reason why I loved our beach house. We found the local shopping centre, purchased a weeks supply of food and cooked our own meals in the kitchen or BBQ each day.

Yorke Peninsula, Wallaroo and Point Turton are stunning locations to explore for beach lovers. It’s not hard to spend all day at the beach soaking in the beauty of your surrounding. You are also guaranteed to make friends with the local sea creatures swimming alongside you 🙂