Removing makeup each night is a crucial step for healthy skin. I am obsessed with getting every last bit of makeup off my face before I sleep which is why I have been loving this routine. I want great skin so I invest time and money into a good skin care routine. I want to focus more on the eye makeup remover as I will be doing a separate review for the other two products.

These are the products and steps for removing makeup:

Eyes – for removing makeup from eyes and eyebrows

This is the first step in my makeup removing routine. I have been using the Andalou Naturals Lash and Lid makeup remover and have absolutely been loving the results. The Fruit Stem Cell Complex is specially formulated for the eye with antimicrobial essential oils known to help prevent dandruff on the eyelashes. There are no harsh or drying chemicals in this to cause any irritations or redness. 

Our eyes are so delicate so we need to be gentle when touching our eyes to remove makeup. Rubbing can result in lashes falling out, weakened lashes or irritating the skin around your eyes. This makeup remover is designed to gently loosen and remove the dirt and debris that gets trapped in your eyelashes each day. I love how clean my eyes feel after, it really does feel so good to have most of my eye makeup off before starting my skin care routine.

How to use it: As much as I can tell you how great this product has been working for me, its important to know how to use it properly too. As I mentioned above you do not want to be rubbing your eyes and lashes. I like to get two makeup pads and pump a small amount onto one of them. I press the two pads against each other to spread the cream over them both then press each pad over my eyelids. Leave the pads over your lids for a couple minutes to allow the cream to break down the makeup. You can gently use your finger tips to carefully massage over the lashes and lid while the pads are still on. When ready take one off and remove any excess from the bottom of your lids with the pads. Repeat for the other eye. I found this process very simple and easy to remove move from my eyes.

Makeup removing wipes

I have previously spoken about 3 different types of makeup removing wipes. These wipes are a simple and easy method of removing makeup fast. However, it is not something you should be using on your skin on a daily basis. I only use it when I am in a hurry, travelling or just feeling a little lazy. I much rather prefer the next step where I use a cleanser to thoroughly remove my makeup.

First cleanse – for removing makeup from face and eyes

I have been using the Vliss Organic Activiating Mangosteen Cleanser as my first cleanse. This is a cream based cleanser so it doesn’t foam or lather. Being someone who only ever uses foaming cleansers this was not something I would reach for instantly. However, after using it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed just how effectively it removed my makeup and left my skin feeling soft. I applied a small amount between my hands and gently massaged over my face and eyes. I love full coverage makeup to cover spots and pigmentations so I usually wear heavier makeup. This product was excellent at removing my makeup as I gently massaged it in circular motions. I even use it to go over my eye lids and lashes to remove any remaining traces of makeup. I found that some cleansers sting my eyes when it goes near it, but this was perfect for my very sensitive eyes. Not only is it very gentle on the eyes, it didn’t irritate my eyes or skin and it really did leave your lashes and lid feeling nice and clean. I use this cleanser only on the days when I wear makeup otherwise I would skip it and use just the one cleanser listed below.

Second cleanse – cleansing skin

I am a sucker for a foaming cleanser and this La Mav Cleanser is definitely ticking all the boxes. Not only is this cleanser 100% organic, it lathers awesome and really leaves my face feeling nice and clean. I use this cleanser after every trace of makeup is removed as it allows me for a thorough and deeper cleanse of my skin. It gets deep into the pores to remove oils and dirt, yet doesn’t leave my skin dry afterwards. My skin really does feel so hydrated and clean after using this.

After these steps you can follow through with the rest of your regular skincare routine – exfoliator and mask twice a week, toner, serums, moisturisers, spot treatments etc. 


This blog post contains affiliate links. The Vliss Organic Cleanser was sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.