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I have been sampling two products from Phos Wellness skincare range the past month, and a little spoiler.. I absolutely loved them.  Stasios is the founder of the natural wild and organic skin care line, Phos Wellness, based in New York. Using his own creative magic and passion for healthy skin, Stasios utilized his years of passionate reading and research along with schooling to developed this incredible skin care line diligently over 14 years. Even though I had never met Stasios before and only communicated through messages, his energy and passion for his brand translated strongly through the messages. This made me really excited to try these amazing products and share them with all of you.

“My products are all about the Earth’s amazing power, energy and high vibrational frequencies of the cells, that are actually measured by science.”

A few facts about Phos Wellness:

  • All Natural & Organic plant based skin care line
  • Products utilise nature’s micro-encapsulated technology
  • Chemical free, paraben free, fragrance free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Ingredient enhancing, atmospherically-balanced biophotonic glass packaging

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Bio Recovery Gel

The Bio Recovery Gel is an ultra light gel-serum designed for all skin types. Looking at the ingredients list you’re bound to let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. It contains a pure plant blend of Aloe Vera juice, Rooibos & Green Tea extract and Organic Hibiscus flower.. just to name a few. These magical, Earth based ingredients help restore skin radiance, improve dullness and dehydration. There are 10 luxurious essential oils packed into this product to help minimise the first signs of ageing and help protect skin from environmental aggressors perfect for humid atmospheres and active people. The Bio Recovery Gel was quick absorbing providing my skin with instant hydration.

Face Elixir Lipid

The Face Elixir Lipid can be used alone but to achieve optimal benefits its recommended to combine the Bio Recovery Gel with a few drops of the Face Elixir Lipid. I used the Face Elixir Lipid for normal/combination skin but if you have dry skin, don’t worry, they’ve also got you covered (here). The Face Elixir Lipid is oil based designed to deliver exceptional balancing, hydrating and fortifying aid to detoxify, smooth and balance your skin. I used Face Elixir Lipid each night and noticed my skin feeling super soft after each use. The ingredients contain specifically selected botanicals known for their skin and cell assisting benefits. The geranium and fennel deliver lift and clarity. 

What is the shelf life of these products?

As we know many Natural and Organic skincare lines don’t have a very long shelf life. Unlike these brands, Phos Wellness combines two unique elements to allow for a longer shelf life. Firstly, each bottle has a synergistic mixture of extracts selected for extending the shelf life. The extended shelf life depends on the mixture and the amount. Clove, Rosemary and Lavender were specifically selected to be used as the natural ‘preservations’.  Secondly, the unique biophotonic glass packaging is designed to only allow energising light spectrums entering the bottle allowing the formula to last for a longer period. 

I got my products at the beginning of this year and this batch’s expiration date is January 2017, allowing me an entire year to make the most of it. How great is that?? Now no more rushing to use a product up before the expiration date or throwing away unfinished/unused products.


I have noticed the condition of my skin improve dramatically over the past few weeks since I began using these products. Combined together these two products helped nurture my stressed skin and calm any irritations from previous breakouts. The powerful natural anti-oxidants and skin nourishing essential fatty acids is important for skin function and helped rebalance my skins own function and encourage scar tissue recovery. 

Phos Wellness delivers worldwide with a small shipping fee and you can find the entire range of products here. Highly recommend 🙂

*These items were sent for consideration. As always, all opinions are my own 🙂