Autumn leaves and girl taking a photo with camera

Whenever I meet people travelling or relocating to Adelaide, the first question I always seem to ask is “why Adelaide?”. Its just a small, quiet town with nothing much to see or do. I used to always want to travel interstate or overseas to visit the iconic tourist attractions of other cities. I often overlooked the beauty right at my doorstep. It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend 2 years ago and started a long distance relationship that I realised I haven’t actually explored much of my own city. Every time he visited I wanted to show him around where I live and what my city had to offer which encouraged us to discover new sites and learn more about Adelaide. 

Over the past 2 years I began to explore the city, discovered so many spectacular hidden gems, visited places I’ve never been to before and began to truly appreciate the surroundings of my home town.  I had so much fun being a tourist in my own city and was amazed at the beauty just at the doorstep of my home. 

These are the 5 reasons why you should be a tourist in your own city:

Discover new locations and meet new people

Discovering new locations will give you never ending stories to share with family and friends. By stepping away from your daily routine and visiting new places you are guaranteed to meet new and interesting people. Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget to grab your camera and capture these memorable experiences.

Develop a whole new perspective of your own city

Being a tourist in your own city can offer you a whole new perspective of your own city. The old me that would always question why anyone would want to visit Adelaide is now questioning why it’s not as widely known for its tourist attractions. You’ll discover a whole new perspective on surroundings that provide the backdrop to your everyday life. This will help you create a new, special bond with your city and start to understand your city with a whole new perspective.

You don’t have to spend money

By exploring your own city, you can make whatever you want from it. You can simply go for a walk and explore the beauty of nature at the doorstep of your own home. You may choose to take a different route on the way to work and discover new streets you may have never seen before. I love taking a different route, I always find the amazing street art and beautiful photography locations. 

Have fun no matter what season it is

Every season of the year delivers incredible beauty. During Winter you can discover the museums and art galleries, while Autumn is perfect for visiting picturesque wineries and parklands. In Summer you can go for a road trip and explore the coastlines and beaches and spring you are guaranteed to find the streets in beautiful colours from the flowers blossoming. No matter what time of the year it is, you can discover something new.

Support local businesses

Going for a road trip, even if its only an hour from the city, will guarantee that you’ll bump into unique stalls or small businesses. Have you ever noticed the small fruit & veg stalls on the side of the road while going for a road trip? Stop by and have a talk with the owner, you are sure to learn something new. Many of these are small home-based businesses with freshly picked and organic fruit and vegetables for sale. Don’t forget to take some with you for the road trip.

Regardless of where you live you are bound to find something new when you go exploring in your own city. It is also a perfect way to relax and clear your mind from your daily routine. If you ever find yourself bored, try going for a walk or a drive to a new location you have never been to, you’ll be surprised at what you may see or find. It is important to appreciate where you live every single day.